Photo Update: June 16th

My buddy Dohoon making some cold noodle soup with chicken at his restuarant, Kareo.

This is Gwanghwamun, one of Seoul's great landmarks. The original structure was built in 1395, but has been destroyed and moved multiple times. The current iteration you see above was constructed after the Korean War.

Gwanghwamun is the main gate for Gyeongbok Palace. This particular night was apparently one of the few times a year that the palace was open to the public at night. It is no different than when it's open during the daytime, except for the obvious lack of sunlight. So like many events and things of a limited engagement, people flocked.

Gyeongbok Palace and it's sea of cell phone self-portraitists.

When things are popular in Korea the location becomes a horde.

Chyeonggyecheon is a mouthful of a word, but it's also one of my favorite places in Seoul. It's a stream in the middle of the city that after the rapid industrialization of South Korea after the Korean War was left delapidated and covered by a highway overpass. In 2003, Seoul Mayor Lee Myung-bak, who is now the current president, led an initiative to turn it into a beautiful place that people would want to go. He unequivocally succeeded. 

On this particular night, I had no idea there was some sort of lantern festival going on. I knew that there were lantern festivals going on at the time all around town for Buddha's Birthday, May 28th in Korea, but had no idea there would be one at Cheonggycheon as well.

The lanterns were splendid.


Look at that tiger! His facial expression is hilarious!

A typical Korean street food tent.

Hongdae on a weeknight.

This man knows.

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