Photo Update: March 2, 2013

The new school year starts on Monday and I've now been in Korea for over a year. The longest that I've stayed anywhere since graduating college. It's time to get things back rolling. Extreme cold weather has a way of keeping me inside and doing a whole lot of nothing. This year, in addition to making posts over at at least once a week, I'll be updating KRMR at least twice a week. The posts here will likely be a little simply, mostly photos, but I'll also be delving deeper into Korean culture, food and sites. Here are some photos from my recent feature on Gangnam for Gadling as well as some snow photos from a few weeks back.

Inside Gangnam Station.

A store clerk dressed as Red Riding Hood was supposed to be handing out flyers for a fashion boutique in Apgujeong, a fashion oriented neighborhood in Gangnam. But it seems like she was much to concerned about staring off into space and ignoring the world.

Psy is endorsing everything everywhere. Here he is hawking a travel agency on a bus-side advert.

The area surrounding Gangnam station is extremely crowded by people shopping, heading out for a drink, leaving Japanese restaurants or waiting to catch a bus to the far reaches of Seoul.

In Seoul, crazy socks are sold everywhere. A fad isn't fully cemented until it shows up at a sock stand. Korea should become known as the place where you can buy the craziest of cray socks. Sockworld.

A side street filled with Korean, Japanese and American food offerings.

They recently installed this monstrocity near Gangnam Station in order to capitalize on the infamous song. Immediately next to this intended photo-op was an advertising setup for Addidas where you people could test out their soccer dribbling skills. That was far more popular than the Gangnam Style sign, and it wasn't even fully setup yet.

A couple wait for the train.

One of the last snowfalls of winter in my neighborhood.

There are quite a lot of these carts zipping around Seoul. Some sell various bits of bobs, from fruits to hardware, but often vehicle vendors inhabit a van of some sort. The one we see here is possibly collecting recycleable materials.